2014 What a Fantastic Year

I write this as my last post for the 2014 school year, and what a busy and eventful year it has been.  A year of many highlights, the biggest being the children and the wonderful learning that has occurred in our Middle Learning Community.

In just this term alone we have had incursions from an Aboriginal storyteller and the Toolbox Drama Group. We have celebrated Japanese Day, Mass with the Juniors, meditation with Mr Greely, Buddy Art Activity, Transition Activities for 2015 promoting story telling and the Country and Western Fair.

Last night we celebrated Christmas Carols and the Grade 6 Graduation Ceremony. This morning it was  the End of Year Mass and the Passing On Ceremony as the year 5s accepted the role as leaders for next year. The children were once again outstanding during these celebrations.

I will take away many  wonderful memories with me as  I leave St. Brigid’s to pursue other opportunities.

Thankyou to everyone for their support and I wish the children and families of St. Brigid’s a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Yours Faithfully

Thea Bradford

Friday 21st November



Tomorrow we say goodbye to two of our fabulous community members, Grace and Harry.

We are going to have a picnic tomorrow afternoon, where students can bring their soft toys and sports equipment like basketballs and footballs. Students are welcome to bring a blanket or towel to sit on too.

Time: 2:30pm until the end of the day.

Parents and Grandparents are invited to come along.

Kind regards,

Diesel, Taylah, Renee and Keely Shaye.

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School Fair

hThe School Fair is this Saturday 15th of November from 10am-4pm. There has been lots of information sent out throughout the year leading up to this date; however if you need any further information please ring our office.

Yesterday students brought home a plate so that yummy slices and cakes can be made to sell at the Cake stall.

During students’ art lessons, they have been busy creating fabulous pieces of art that parents can purchase on the day. Here is a sample of some of the 2/3B art!

151098321Fair Artwork

Inquiry ‘Tell Me A Story’

On Monday, the students participated in an Inquiry morning. Students are working on the Inquiry Unit “Tell me a story” focusing on:

What are the different ways we communicate?

What is a story?

How have Aboriginal stories been told?

What Australian stories teach us about the Christmas message?

The Middle Learning Community students were split into three groups, rotating between three stations. One station had a literacy focus, with students reading about the Aboriginal Flag and learning new words. Another station had a mathematical focus, with students identifying symmetry in Aboriginal art work. The final station was a drama incursion with students learning about the famous Dreamtime Story, Tiddalick the Frog. Students learnt about the story, developed their drama skills and turned into some of our famous Australian wildlife!


IMG_1872                        IMG_1893

IMG_1908                              IMG_1917                   IMG_1888IMG_1916IMG_1899

IMG_1873                    IMG_1884

IMG_1869     IMG_1875IMG_1901

Japanese Day

imageimageimageLast Friday students participated in a Japanese Day!


  • Watched a performance of Taiko Drumming
  • Made Japanese biscuits
  • Learnt about Sumo Wrestling
  • Learnt about traditional Japanese Games
  • Ate sushi
  • Sang Japanese songs

It was a fabulous day and a great way for students to be immersed in Japanese culture to support and help with the understanding of the Japanese language they are trying to learn.

A big thank you to Meg Sensei for organising this fabulous day.

Donations needed

If you have any material, buttons or wool at home that is not being used please send along to the Senior Learning Community.

In a few weeks we are beginning a very special BUDDY art activity with the Middle Learning Community and would appreciate any donations.

Please contact Mrs. Rose if you have any questions.




Term 4

Welcome back everyone to the last term of our 2014 school year.

This term we are exploring Communication and the many different ways we do this.

The title :  Tell me a story 

Essential questions:

What are the different ways we communicate?

What is a story?

How have Aboriginal stories been told?

What Australian stories teach us about the Christmas message?

Our religion unit will tie  in closely with this as we explore .”Our place in God’s Creation”

Today the children took photos with the IPADS and completed a Y chart of what they can See Hear and Touch in Gods wonderful creation. The children took some great photos including cocoons, birds, slaters, weeds. flowers, new buds. leaves, trees etc.

This week the children will be asked to collect items of creation to bring to school from home. Each home group will then set up a creation display area and a sacred space for prayer.
Literacy focus:

Reading- Dreamtime stories

Writing- Recount and Narrative.

Spelling- Students will continue to bring their spelling words home each Monday to be tested with their buddy each Friday.

Maths Focus:

Times tables- 2X 5X 10X 3X 4X ( when students are ready they can place their name down at school ready to be tested on the recall of these). Feel free to teach them any times table tricks you may know.

Remember children will learn and recall these when they are ready and have an understanding of what they mean. It is important that they are not raced but are given time to think before the answer.

Length and Area

Number: Counting Place value, Addition Subtraction Multiplication and Division


This term we are grouping the children each Thursday morning into Year levels and rotating between each of the teachers in a range of oral language activities promoting communication. It is also a valuable time for us to watch the children working together as we consider groupings for next year. If you have any issues or concerns, it may be worth having a conversation with the relevant home group teacher.

A few reminders:

Hats must be worn each day. Full summer uniform to be worn by week 3
Please ensure all drink bottles, containers, hats etc. are clearly named. Our Lost Property bucket is growing by the day.
A few dates to remember:

Friday 17th October- Japanese Day

Monday 20th October- Drama Incursion

Monday 27th October- Incursion- Aboriginal Art and storytelling with Paul

Tuesday 28th October_ Commonwealth Bank Incursion

Monday 3rd November- School Closure Day

Tuesday 4th November- Melbourne Cup

Tuesday 11th November- Remembrance day

Saturday 15th November- Country and Western Fair

Monday 8th- Friday 12th December- swimming week

Wednesday 10th December- Carols 6pm

Thursday 11th December- End of Year Mass 9a.m.



Highlights of Term 3 and Reminders for Term 4

The Middle Learning Community teachers all agree that this term has been a very busy time of great learning.

Just to remind you of how busy we have been:

  • Ø Our Inquiry Unit was ‘The Good Old Days’

  • Ø We went on excursion to Coal Creek, Korrumburra, to support our Inquiry Unit

  • Ø Grandparents Day

  • Ø Fathers Day Breakfast

  • Ø Masses: Middle Level Mass in our new MPR, Feast of The Assumption Mass, Feast of St Mary Mac Killop – Mary of the Cross Mass at St Michael’s Church, Berwick

  • Ø Book Week and Dress Up Parade

  • Ø Level Assembly

  • Ø First Aid Training

  • Ø Life Education Van – Harold’s Heroes

  • Ø Our fantastic concert ‘Danger Kids’

  • Ø Maths Units: Number, Place Value, Fractions, Time, Money

  • Ø Literacy Author Studies – Margaret Wild and Alison Lester

The children have grown so much in their ability to take responsibility for their learning and to work independently. It is wonderful to see their improvement and growth.

A big thank you to all our wonderful parents and grandparents for your help, support and encouragement, this term, in our learning community.

Term 4

Remember that students need to wear a hat outside at all times. At St Brigid’s there is a no hat no play policy.

Our Inquiry Unit is ‘Tell me a Story’ where we will be looking at our Indigenous heritage with a focus on Communication and Information Computer Technologies.

Life Education Van Visit

imageimageimageYesterday students attended an education session with Life Education Victoria. They officially qualified to be members of “Harold’s Super Hero Team.”
Challenges passed included:
Team Code of Conduct
Super Hero Food Choices
Safety with Medicines
Emergency Response
Sun Smart Behaviour
Secondhand smoke and staying safe
Syringe safety rules
Beautiful Manners


Coal Creek Excursion Monday 8th September

Tomorrow, Monday September 8th, the Middle Learning Community will be going to Coal Creek, Korumburra for an excursion to learn about ‘The Good Old Days.’

This is sure to be a fabulous day of learning and fun for the students, parents and teachers attending.


Please remember:

  • Students need to be in their Sports Uniform
  • Students need to bring a small backpack to place their snack and lunch into.  (if a backpack is not available, students may bring their school bag)
  • Students need to be punctual on Monday, so the bus can leave on schedule.